Scott Smith, lead fly fishing guide at Bow River Fly Fishing Co.

Mad Drifter Olive Fly Fishing CapWelcome to Mad Drifter Designs!

Hi, I’m Scott, lead guide at Bow River Fly Fishing Company.

We launched our little gift shop in response to your requests during our float adventures.

I started printing my own designs in 2021 and many of you asked about where to get hats, hoodies etc.

AND here we are!

Mad Drifter Designs reflects our days on the water and we’re happy to offer Bow River Fly Fishing Company branded items along with our other popular designs representing Life On The Fly.

If you’ve been out with us, you’ve realized we really love what we do. We enjoy every second on the river and love sharing it with our guests. While we take our craft seriously, we also have a ridiculous amount of fun while we’re drifting down the Bow.

We’re always coming up with ridiculous comparisons, metaphors, and personifications on the water. These original designs are what my brain came up with after Kevin, Luke or I decided “That’s gotta go on a shirt!”

Every item is made to order right at the Bow River Fly Fishing Company Headquarters…AKA my basement.  It usually only takes a day to process and ships either the same day or next day.

Mad Drifter Designs is all about the joy of fly fishing!  We’re having some fun with this and hope you will too!

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