Your Principal Guide, Scott Smith

fly fishing guide in alberta scott smith

Growing up in Bragg Creek Alberta, you could always find me on the Elbow River or one of the local creeks, avoiding daily chores and curfews. I can remember using a willow branch, a length of mono and some old flies found in my Dad’s tackle box to fool the trout!

Today, I love to get people out on the Bow river and excited about a sport that has given me years of enjoyment and challenges.  (I am still avoiding chores and curfews)

I have been fishing the Bow for a dozen years and learn something everyday I am out. I simply love to fish and any time spent on the river is well wasted, no matter how many fish make it to the net.

Trout Fishing on the Bow River

Rainbow and Brown trout will be our target species. We measure the fish by inches around here and 16 to 20-inch trout are the norm. These fish are powerful and will give you spirited runs into your backing on a regular basis, so be prepared to chase one of these angry beasts down the bank!

The Other Guy (Guide), Kevin Hawes

I grew up on a ranch where the north border was the Elbow River. When I was young, my father taught me how to cast a spinning rod, thread a worm onto a hook, and most importantly, where fish are most likely to be holding. I was always fascinated with the river, and with trying to catch trout. I was always taking my father’s rod and tackle (until I got my own) and would spend days exploring and fishing the river and creeks on the ranch.

My first introduction to flyfishing was in my grandfather’s boat and trolling for trout at Hyas Lake, near Kamloops (which was his favorite lake). Later, one of the camp hosts at Hyas Lake took the time to give me some flyfishing/casting lessons from the dock. After that I was ‘hooked’, and have spent years learning and enjoying flyfishing; even on the days where seems like there was a whole lot more “fishing” than “catching”.

For many years, I have enjoyed flyfishing new waters in Southern Alberta and BC when an opportunity presents itself, however, the Bow River is a constant draw for me, and continues to be my favorite place to flyfish for those wylie, mean trout.

I have enjoyed giving several friends and acquaintances their ‘introduction’ to flyfishing. I like stopping to help people who are struggling with casting, etc. or just meeting fellow fishermen and women on the bank and swapping good stories and bad jokes (mostly the bad jokes). I love it when people make me laugh, and I love hard fighting trout, and the joy it brings to all who take up the fight!